Slip a T-Shirt Under It

Slipping a T-shirt under a spaghetti strap top and/or a slip dress is making a comeback. This retro trend is easily one of my favorites; it instantly transforms a nice summer top or dress into a trendy fall or winter (depending on where you live) outfit. Slip dresses are gorgeous, but if you don’t want to show off too much skin, simply slipping a T-shirt under the dress is a great way to solve the problem. Check out some of my favorite cami/ slip dress/ T-shirt combo below!

Slip Dresses/ Camis Over T-Shirts in the ’90’s:

Image result for slip dress over t shirt
You can’t talk about slip dresses without bringing back the ’90’s! Here, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green in Friends dons a simple gray long sleeve T-shirt under a black button-up slip dress. Courtesy of
Alicia Silverstone (seen here in Clueless) wearing a plain white T-shirt under a simple black cami for a classic look. Courtesy of

Slip Dresses Over T-Shirts Today:

Emma Stone pictured in a peach colored dress over a white long sleeve T-shirt. Courtesy of
Kendall Jenner seen in a white T-shirt along with a nude colored satin slip, coat, and thigh-high boots. Courtesy of

From the ’90’s to modern day, slips dresses are definitely making a comeback, and for the better. The trend adds a nice twist to the classic slip dress and is very comfortable. If you try it out, be sure to send me pictures to my email here for a chance to be featured on this blog!

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Hannah 🙂


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